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      1. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: some people think that the most important quality in choosing the leader of a school organization or club is honesty.

      In today’s schools and universities, student organizations are playing more and more important role in students’ campus life. When choosing a leader in student organization, some people believe that the most important quality is honesty. However, the most important quality for a student leader, I believe, is to provide his or her team members with opportunities to express their opinions. If necessary, a leader should change his or her opinions as well.

      Admittedly, being honest could benefit student organizations’ work because the team members tend to trust the leader, which could result in a strong leadership and smooth teamwork. However, compared to honesty, a leader’s willingness to accept others’ opinions and to change when they make wrong decisions are much more important for the following reasons.

      First of all, a student leader’s primary task is to stimulate and motivate his or her peer to come up with creative ideas, which benefit teamwork to a large extent. In student organizations, most tasks require teamwork where everyone in the team needs to contribute. The role of a leader is to stimulate all his or her team members to express their opinions rather than to become a dictator who make every decision on his or her own. In order to motivate the team members, a leader should not only create an atmosphere that everyone could feel free to speak up but also respect the thoughts of his or her peers.

      Moreover, it happens that sometimes the leader’s decision could be wrong and will exert negative influence on the team’s work. As everyone knows, no one is perfect and people do make mistakes. If a leader hold strong opinions that might result in setbacks, and he or she refuses to change, the whole team’s project will be affected by his or her dictation. As a result, the team members will become reluctant to contribute to the team and might even quit the current job for a better one. On the contrary, if the leader is humble enough to change their opinions and listen to others’ suggestions, the team could avoid future loss.

      As I have read from an article published online, “decision making is when the leader gives up ownership and control of a decision and allows the group to vote”. This is not only true in business and politics but also in student organizations. A student leader should encourage his or her colleagues to actively participate in the decision-making process, and should change their opinions when it is necessary, which are more important than being honest.

      2. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is difficult to be teachers who are not only popular with students but also can improve their studying efficiency. Use specific reasons and examples or details to support your answer.

      At present, a teacher is required not only to know how to teach, but also to be favorable for his students. Although some people believe educators may have difficulties in achieving this, I personally believe that these two are not mutually exclusive.

      In the first place, a teacher who has gained popularity among students must have a personal quality such as being patient to tolerate the students who have made some mistakes, showing enthusiasm in class, being humorous. The most important l is to love students and to love the course of teaching. As long as he has the innate love for his profession, he may has enormous zest for his students, and become a teacher favored by students. In addition, teachers like this can easily motivate students’ learning interest, thereby promoting working efficiency. That is to say, they are so trustworthy that they can guide and supervise the learners’ study efficiently.

      Secondly, only a teacher who have the teaching faculty can help students develop effective and efficient study skill. In order to have this capability, a teacher should acquire enough knowledge. On the one hand, he should acquire the wide knowledge of philosophy, psychology, education (how to teach), culture, history, geography, etc. On the other hand, he must master much deeper theories in his research field. For example, an English teacher should possess the necessary skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating, among which speaking is of paramount importance. In addition, a good English teacher may have the means to activate his class and give students the opportunities to practice English. Only in this way students can use English and improve their communicative competence. Undoubtedly, these teachers who have succeeded in improving academic performance are favorable for students.

      To sum up, based on the reasons I list above, I would regard teachers would achieve the required goals since the former is the foundation of the latter and without the latter, the former cannot be permanent.



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