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    12月8日雅思写作考试预测 | 考前预测



    小编:南通环球教育 174




    3)使用名词做主语、变主动语态为被动语态(eg. Companies produce more thanbefore可改写成Productivity of companies is promoted),是提高文章正式性的好方法哦~



    1.  Itis better for people to be unemployed rather than to be employed without a jobthey enjoy.To what extend do you agree or disagree?

    2. Insome countries, it is illegal for companies to reject job applicant for theirage. Is this a positive or negative development?

    3. Itis suggested that all the young adults should undertake a period of unpaid workhelping people in the community. Does it bring more benefits or drawbacks tothe community and the young people?


    1.Nowadays,full-timeuniversity students tend to focus on their studying. Some people think it isessential for university students to be involved in other activities. To whatextent do you agree or disagree?

    2. Somepeople think family has great influence on children's development. Others,however, believe that other things, such as media, have greater effects.Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

    3.Manystudents are taught to push themselves and try hard to be better than theirclassmates, rather than work together for everyone’sbenefits. Do the disadvantages of training students to be competitive outweighthe advantages?


    1. Itis possible for scientists and tourists to travel to remote naturalenvironments, such as South Pole. Do you think the advantages of this developmentoutweigh the disadvantages?

    2.Somepeople believe that air travel should be restricted because it causes seriouspollution and uses up the world’s fuel resources. To whatextent do you agree or disagree?

    3.Somecountries and individuals try to deal with the problem of animal extinction.Others think it is more important to deal with problems of human beings.Discuss both views and give your own opinion.


    1. Advertisementsencourage consumers to buy in quantity rather than in quality. To what extent doyou agree or disagree?

    2. Mobilephones have made life easier: anyone can use a mobile phone to answer/make workcalls or home calls at any place 7 days a week. Do you think this developmenthas more positive effects or negative effects on the individual and society?

    3. Newsmedia is more influential nowadays. Some people think it is a negativedevelopment. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


    1.Townsand cities are attractive places. Some suggest the government should spendmoney putting in more works of art like paintings and statues to make thembetter to live in. Do you agree or disagree?

    2.Housingshortage in big cities can cause severe social consequences. Some people thinkonly government action can solve this problem. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    3.Somepeople think government should be responsible for providing financial supportto old people after they retire, but others believe individuals should savemoney for themselves. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.


    1. Doyou think how important it is for people to want success in life ? Is ambitiona positive or negative characteristic?

    2.  Ascountries develop, their populations tend to live individually or in a smallfamily unit. What are the reasons? What are the effects on society and familylife?

    3. Somepeople think planning future is a waste of time and people should focus on thepresent. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


    1. 关于工作满意度和工作稳定性:有人认为满意度比稳定性(stability)重要,他们相信对工作内容的兴趣和热情是决定了工作成就的最主要因素,只有在做自己喜欢的事情时,人们才会全身心地投入(delicate),从而产出更大的成果。但另一些人认为,稳定性才是选择工作的首要条件,如医生、教师、律师、工程师这样的职业是可以做一辈子的(life-long career),能够提供给人稳定(secured)的收入来源,而稳定的经济收入比什么都重要。

    2. 关于频繁更换工作:频繁换工作对雇员来讲,其好处在于能够通过不断的尝试,认清(identify)自己最适合做的工作是什么,找到自己的兴趣所在,从而获得越来越高的工作满意度,但其坏处在于,没有长期的经验积累(experience accumulation),专业程度不高,个人的职业竞争力(competitiveness)会很弱。对雇主来讲,雇员流动性大的好处在于可以不考虑晋升(promotion)和加薪(pay raise)问题,节约用人成本(labor cost),但坏处在于,团队不稳定影响人际关系(interpersonalrelationship),员工专业化水平低影响公司发展。

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