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    小编:长安 46



      Task 1

      1. Is it important to have good manners?

      Of course, it’s very important. First of all, you only have seconds to make a good impression. We meet thousands of people in our lives and most meetings are brief and superficial, so not everyone is as patient as your parents. A decent haircut, clean face and good manners will be noticed and have a significant effect on your life. Secondly, as the writer of “the game of throne” puts it, courtesies are women’s best weapons. Even if you have done something wrong, if you appear gracious and grateful, much will be forgiven, just like Sansa in the TV series, although her father and brother are regarded as traitors, she never forget her manners and is spared by her enemies. So having good manners is important, and in some cases it can help you enormously.

      2. When you have a lot of assignments and projects to do, what approach would you use in order to finish them in time?

      I think the most important question is how to prioritize, which means how to perfectly organize your assignments and projects in a time frame, from the most urgent to the least urgent. So first of all, you need to stay organized and know the timeline and deadline of each assignment and project. Each assignment should be laid out into small, manageable tasks. Secondly, you need to divide your time into different slots and then assign the tasks to them. You may also need to limit your leisure time activities and adjust to a new daily and weekend routine. After a solid timetable is created, all you need to do is to keep it.

      3. How do you improve the education system of your country?

      Personally, quite a few measures could be taken to improve our education system. Firstly, everybody in China should attach less importance to the results of exams. Students from primary school, even from kindergarten suffer a lot from it. They have to spend extra time studying in order to get a higher score. It is a shame for them not to have any time to enjoy the only childhood they have. Besides, people could be educated in different ways. People are born differently. They are interested in different things. We should encourage them to chase their dreams instead of forcing them to do anything they dislike, or even hate. Furthermore, we could encourage them to be compassionate and independent.

      4. Which of the following occupations do you prefer to be most-an actor or actress, a computer programmer, or a business owner? Explain why. Please include details and examples in your explanation.

      If I could choose, I would like to be a business owner. First all of, it would be an exciting challenge for me to take in charge of a company and make most profit from it. I always dream to be a founder of a company and have the capacity to manage it. What’s more, once I am succeed, I can be a good manager and take my company as a life-long enterprise. This benefit cannot be provided by neither actress nor computer programmer. Due to these reasons I would prefer being a business owner than being an actress or a computer programmer.



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